Aqua Ozone Equipment “POP-I & II” Aqua Ozone Equipment “POP-I & II”

Aqua Ozone Equipment “POP-I & II”

    AQUA POP-I & II are wall-mountable, air-cooled, very ultraviolet (VUV) radiation type ozone generator packages specifically designed for swimming pool applications. The package incorporates VUV type ozone generator(s), vacuum trigger box, PVDF check valve & venturi injector manifold. The ozone contacting vessel and degas valve are optional. These packages are capable of producing ozone in 2g/hr & 4g/hr.
  • Very Ultraviolet (VUV) Radiation
  • Aluminum UV Bulb Housing
  • 10,000.00hr UV Bulb Arc Life
  • Universal Voltage Electronic Ballast(s)
  • UV Bulb Failure indicator(s)
  • Venturi Manifold Equipped
  • Vacuum Trigger Box Equipped
  • Clearer, cleaner water
  • Complete sanitation
  • Superior oxidation
  • No harmful by-products
  • No or reduce chlorine usage
  • Neutral PH of water