Aqua salt Aqua salt

Aqua salt

  • For public and private pools
  • Aqua salt control unit available in 4 versions:
    • 1. Standard model: internal/external time-controlled;
    • 2. Model pH: same as standard model with additional control and dosing of acid/alkaline pH corrector/ via peristaltic pump;
    • 3. Model pH-Rx: same as model pH with additional Rx reading for modulation of Cell chlorine generation;
    • 4. Model pH-CIJ: (mounted on a thermoformed panel): same as model pH with additional Cl reading (PPM) for modulation of Cell chlorine generation.
    • The disinfectant chlorine is produced in the electrolytic cell thanks to an electrolytic reaction that gives sodium hypochlorite from an aqueous solution of sodium chloride. It contains the flow sensor, the titanium plates and a PT100 probe to measure the temperature. The correspondence between swimming pool dimension and cell model is indicative. Please refer to Chlorine production data.
    • – Compatible with all sizes of electrolytic cells ADCEL
      – IP65 protection
      – Max working temperature 40°C
      – Max chlorine production: 40 g/h**
      – Swimming pool dimension (Max)200mc*
      – Double safety on the presence of flow
      – Language selection
      – Pump feeding for salt concentration restoring
      – Cell cleaning through polarity inversion
      – Control of real use and maintenance alarms
      – Approximate Salt level calculation with range alarms
      – Additional timer for circulating pump
      – Software for Windows-based management free for all models (RS232 port standard for all models)
      – Power supply: 180÷260 Max consumption: 300 W
      – Cell power supply: 24VDC 10 A
      – Available upon request Bluetooth module for connection with APP for Android and Windows phone
      – Available upon request MASTER/SLAVE version for parallel multiple connection for swimming pool bigger for 200m
    • – Titanium plates
      – Connection pins made in AISI 316
      – In-built flow sensor
      – PT100 temperature probe
      – Max. operating pressure: 3.75 bar
      – Max. chlorine production: 40 g/h**
      – Hydraulic connections of the cell: d.50 or d.63
      – Max water hardness 30°F*
      – Transparent body of the replaceable cell
      – Cell power supply: 24VDC
      – Max. absorbed power: 240 W
      Note: For water hardness higher than 30°F we recommend anti-scale devices (water softeners)
    • • Package size (LxHxW): 405x200x311 mm • Package size (LxHxW): 385x150x140 mm