Bobbin-Wound Sand Filters “MUNICH”N Bobbin-Wound Sand Filters “MUNICH”N

Bobbin-Wound Sand Filters “MUNICH”N

  • Bobbin-wound fiber glass reinforced tank with UV-resistant surface finish
  • Max operating pressure 2.5 bar,Test pressure 4 bar
  • Fitted with pressure gauge, manual air and water purges
  • Fitted with collector arms & diffuser made in UPVC
  • Top mount filter comes with closure & screw
  • Side mount filter 450,550,600,700,comes with glass top cover seal clamps with butterfly valve 7 nuts
  • Side mount filter 800 & 900 comes with top cover made of (Abs and mix poly carbonate) & Side screw closure
  • Side mount filter 1000 & 1200 comes with top cover & center clamp closure
  • Fitters are equipped with a six -position mulfiport valve
  • shell warranty 5 years