AQUA Pool Dehumidifier With Heating & Cooling Function AQUA Pool Dehumidifier With Heating & Cooling Function

AQUA Pool Dehumidifier With Heating & Cooling Function

    AQUA Indoor Environmental Control Systems provide effective control of damaging moisture common with indoor pool facilities. They maintain a delicate balance of humidity control and manage air and water temperatures fo maximum comfort at the lowest cost. This series uses heat pump technology to dehumidfy the space and recycle the waste energy to heat both the air and pool water. They are available in many sizes and a variety of configurations for large indoor pools found in hotels, schools, natatoriums, aquatic centers and water parks.
    Built for the Corrosive Pool Environment.
    AQUA dehumidifiers have many special design features to minimize maintenance and extend the life of the unit. All critical components are located out of the corrosive air stream, and coils are constructed from all copper and coated aluminum fins for long life. AQUA uses full-size air/water condensers for maximum pool and air heating or cooling. It utilizes a sophisticated controller that offers high efficient control strategies for more efficient intelligent pool operation. All units are constructed of heavy-gauge steel with side and roof panels galvanized and epoxy powder coated to resist corrosion. Panel insulation provides additional energy efficiency along with sound control for indoor and outdoor installations.
    Recycled Energy Lessens the Need for Fossil Fuel Heating.
    Indoor pools demand large quantities of heat to maintain space and water comfort conditions. Rather than relying on fossil fuel as the primary heat source, AQUA units utilize waste heat generated during dehumidification to heat the space and pool water. AQUA units return much more energy than they use with average recorded savings ranging from 40% to 60% over conventional outside air dilution systems. For every kilowatt of electrical power used to operate AQUA system, five kilowatts of heat are delivered to the natatorium and water friendly interface.
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