ABS Main Drain ABS Main Drain

ABS Main Drain

For all kind of main drains the following points need to be taken under consideration: – Water flow velocity 0.5m/sec. – Maximum suction velocity 1.5m/sec. – Minimum distance between drains is more than 2 meters. – Recommended to use a special device to deduct the vacuum and automatically switch off the pump.MAIN DRAIN IN

  • Main drain made in ABS and anti-vortex grid.
  • In accordance with legislation UNI for public use and UNI 13451.
  • Lateral fitting D.63F or lower D.50.
  • Large diameter (195mm) for accomodate a submersible pump and reduced height (140mm) for floor slot.
  • Sucket insert and screw S.S 316 for mod. Liner.
  • Square frame with adjustable loops for concrete.